06-07 Anarchy Eyewear Radney Review

For a less expensive alternative to the Oakley A-Frame check out Anarchy’s new line of snow goggles. Form fitting and helmet compatible with a silicon-backed strap for a secure fit on any helmet. Note: This particular frame fits smaller faces.

As Anarchy eyewear breaks into the goggle market they do so with style and function. Seven ventilation ports allow continual air flow through the goggle to prevent fogging and condensation. The duel lens provides for optimal visual clarity and protection. Additionally it is made of a shatter resistant (something Oakley doesn’t have) material with a scratch resistant coating. I wore these goggles in both snowy and sunny conditions, day and night. They performed equally well in all conditions and are even compatible on full face snowmachine helmets.

This particular lens(Polarized) was a bit much for bright, sunny days but the clarity and enhancement was exceptional in flat light and even night riding sessions.